The Heritage Of Harrogate

Harrogate has a rich tradition of spa and restorative treatments going back over 200 years. Mineral water has long been thought to possess health benefits. Drinking or bathing in the mineral waters of Harrogate was, by at least the nineteenth century, part of a daily routine prescribed by doctors.

Following discovery of the mineral springs in the 16th century, Queen Elizabeth I’s personal physician recommended their medicinal properties and Harrogate was christened ‘The English Spa.’ Wealthy visitors travelled to ‘take the mineral rich waters’ and Harrogate became a popular health destination.

High Mineral Content Spring Waters

In the 19th century the local pharmacists made their own soap. It was so effective because of the high mineral content of the spring waters. These waters became famous throughout Europe and it was primarily the Sulphur Well known as the ‘Stinking Well’, which was renowned for its therapeutic qualities.

Harrogate Sulphur Soap’s products are a direct descendant of this memorable historical period. All Harrogate Sulphur Soap products contain sulphur and spring water drawn by hand from Harrogate’s Old Stinking Well. We also add Vitamin E. The new toiletry range (Citrus Spring bar soap, Shampoo, Bath Crystals, Body Wash & Sulphur Cream) all contain essential oils. Additionally; Our Sulphur Cream is pH balanced. None of our products contain coal tar or steroids.

Our combination of therapy & beauty means that our products can be used safely by all of the family. Our range means we can provide a ‘Lifestyle’ regime of skin care. We advise daily usage to promote a healthy & protected skin.

The Original Harrogate Sulphur Soap

Our soap is a direct descendant of this historical period in Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian Harrogate. Our soaps contain the very same spring waters, hand drawn from the same well that was so famous hundreds of years ago. As do all of our new products.


Bytema emerged from the founder’s passion for natural, effective, safe-for all and high-quality sulphur based therapeutic skincare. With her main goal of promoting healthy skin care lifestyle regime, Siti Fatma Omar was fond of the product range of The Harrogate Sulphur Soap Company, England since 2013. She decided to create a platform to distribute UK’s leading sulphur soap in this region, recognising that like herself, everyone requires therapeutic solutions to complement their existing skin care products.

The company has since progressed and takes pride of doing its business today with the same passion of providing healthy and beautiful skin using therapeutic skin care products made of natural sulphur, a beauty mineral with powerful healing properties.

We do not compete with other cosmetics brands as our products are enhancing rather than remedial. We continue to believe that when it comes to problem skin, there is only one-real solution, TO TREAT IT, NOT TO HIDE.

Bytema is currently the exclusive distributor and sole representative for The Harrogate Sulphur Soap Company in Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and in Singapore.


Our vision is to be a regional player in the therapeutic skin care industry providing consumers with a complete skin care range that is effective, safe-for all and high-quality, home remedies for all skin conditions.


Our Mission is to educate consumers about healthy skin care lifestyle regime using therapeutic skin care products that are effective, safe-for all and high-quality, and its potential to transform the skin, especially problem skin.

Our Awards

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